A Little Lighter Post

What’s your neutral? A friend of mine says that his wife told him the other day that his neutral is a german “scowl”. Mine on this blog at least is heavy and serious. This past summer in a Biblical Communications course, my teacher’s feedback of my style was to lighten up a little. Sometimes I can be a little too serious with my stories, offering death, hunger, struggles and more as “color” for my point. In an effort to make sure that this blog covers all of life, here’s a picture of my life recently…reading to Quinn. He and I often lay on our bed and read and yesterday, after a week at a conference, sleep overtook him. As a dad, it was a sweet moment I will cherish for a while. Three and a half years has gone by incredibly quickly. These are the best days of our life and we don’t even know it….

Quinn Sleeping

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