Remembering Bonfire




Fifteen years ago I was supposed to go out to Bonfire and help build stack. I lived at Hart Hall at the time in the middle of Texas A&M’s campus. I decided not to go for reasons I do not remember. I will never forget the phone call that my roommate got around 2:45 am, that Bonfire had fallen. We rushed out and saw the rubble of what had been that proudest Aggie traditions. If you aren’t an Aggie, it may be hard to understand, but that day was a tough day for the family, and a severe gut punch to us all. The memorial below is what stands where that bonfire fell.







In life it is important to stop on occasion to remember the times that really do clarify life. I watched this video today and was moved by the UT band’s Tribute 15 years ago. I was also reminded that I was moved because the song that was played is Amazing Grace, a song ultimately that points us to hope. What is amazing about that song is how much it is ingrained into culture, yet how much the point is missed. Only Christ’s redeeming love can give true hope that will not disappoint. Amazing grace sounds so sweet because his sacrifice was so great. Oh that more would come to know that grace.


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