The Best Part of the Week

On Tuesdays I get to travel an hour away to the town of Västerås and I meet with students of MDH College. It has become the highlight of my week to be frank. I get to do a lot of really cool things, but meeting with these students for discipleship and some evangelism keeps me fresh. I enjoy it because I get to see life change in them, transformation of the heart by the power of the Spirit. I also enjoy it because it always gets my creative juices flowing. I am the type that has my most creative energy flow when I am engaged with a task knee deep in the muck of it all.

As I sit here in this cafe waiting on my next appointment, I am overwhelmed with prayers and hope and creativity for seeing things happen here in Sweden. It makes me wonder how often we do not see things happen, how often we do not pray, how often we do not offer people an opportunity to participate in the kingdom because we remove ourselves to the side lines of life because we have “other ” things to do. In my position I can busy myself with lots of important work, but truth be told, I am better at all of it when I am engaged with students one on one, talking about the implications of the gospel. And you are too. It may not be students, but it is someone. Go engage.

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